Large Koi Pond

Large above-ground koi pond built by A Touch of Dutch LandscapingProject Year: 2018
Budget Range: $25,000 – $50,000
Location: Perth County

Our client contacted us because he wanted to build a pond in this specific area beside his deck. He’s wheelchair-bound and wanted to be able to see the pond from both the upper and lower levels. We installed the pond so that the surface was as close to the lower deck level as possible.

The original fire escape ramp was moved to the side of the deck. Then we added a bridge to the middle of the pond where he can watch his fish up close.

The biggest challenge was the steep slope of the back yard, which meant we had to raise the back about 5′ to keep the pond level. The armour stone retaining wall blends in well with the home and surroundings. It will also provide a perfect backdrop for plants, trees, and shrubs, to be added in the next phase of development.