Below are answers to operational and landscaping questions we get asked most often. Use the buttons below to jump to a specific section. Have a landscaping question and don’t see it listed here? Contact us!

General Questions

Do you have appointments on weekends or evenings?

We prefer to have appointments between 7.30 am and 5.30 pm but if weekends or evenings are the only time you are available we can make an exception to suit your availability.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cheques, cash, or e-transfers. We do not accept credit cards.


Do you sell and deliver mulch?

Yes, we sell shredded Pine mulch at the cost of  $68.00 per cubic yard. Delivery within a 20 km radius from our shop is $65.00 per load up to 6 cubic yards. We only deliver mulch and soils on Saturdays.

Do you sell and deliver soil?

Yes, we sell screened sandy loam soil (good for lawns) at the cost of $55.00 per cubic yard and triple mix soil (good for flowerbeds/planters at $65.00  per cubic yard). Delivery within a 20 km radius from our shop is $65.00 per load up to 6 cubic yards.


How do I calculate the amount of mulch/soil I need for my flowerbeds?

Multiply the length and width of the bed(s) and multiply that amount by the depth in inches of materials that you want to install.  Ie 20’ x 20’ x 0.33 ft (4”) Divide that amount by 27 and you will get the amount in cubic yards.

Do you sell trees and shrubs?

No, we do not. We purchase our plant materials from local garden centers or wholesalers and order the plants as we need them for our projects.

Landscape Designs, Installations, and Hardscaping Questions

Is there a charge for landscape designs?

Yes, during our first meeting we will establish if a design is required and our designer who is visiting you will provide a quotation for the design of your project. This includes a detailed design and one revision if needed. For landscaping inspiration, click here.

Is there a charge for estimates?

Is there a charge for estimates: No, estimates are provided free of charge.

Do we get part or all of the design cost back if we decide to use your company to install it?

The design fee is for the time it took to create the design. We do not reimburse part or all of that cost if you decide to use our company to install it.

When can you start our project?

We book projects every day, They are usually booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. We may suggest a certain time period for you depending on the type of project or if we work together with other trades. We are usually booked a few months in advance. Once you accept the proposal we will give you an approximate starting date for your project.

How long is your guarantee on plants?

We guarantee the plants that we install for 1 year. If they do not survive before or after the first winter we will replace them free of charge. However, we can not guarantee plants if they are damaged during the winter by animals or rodents. We can also not guarantee plants that were transplanted during the installation of the project.

Lawn & Garden Maintenance Questions

Do your provide lawn fertilizer, weed control, aerating and lawn rolling services?

We only provide these services for clients where we also provide lawn and flowerbed maintenance services. We do not provide these services as a one-time type of service. Learn more about fertilizing, weed control, and aerating & rolling here, here, and here.

Do you provide one time lawn cutting?

No, we only provide our lawn maintenance services for clients who sign up for a seasonal contract. It is too difficult to fit one-time customers into our schedule.